Three weeks with Citalopram 10 mg

Three weeks ago I visited my psychiatrist. I used to take Citalopram 20 mg. He told me that he thinks I’m doing well and that it would be better for me to take 10 mg. The first days with 10 mg I felt more tired and angry. I don’t know if this is normal. Next week I have an appointment with my nurse to get my Abilify injection. So I can ask her about that.

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they might be the withdrawal symptoms. I experienced them while coming off risperidone.
It’s good that you are on a lower dosage and you’r pdoc is wise.
be patient for at least one to two month for symptoms to settle down.

Years ago, I went from 40 mg of Celexa a day to 20 mg. I’m doing really good on 20 mg.