Three weeks in Devon, England

It was the year 1984 and I was still 16 years old
I was chosen to participate in the Rotary exchange program
and the destination was Devon, England
I was one of two of my nationality together with seven other nationalities
and so we left the airport of Helsinki and landed in London
to take the subway to the main railway station
and to continue on a train to Exeter, our first destination
and to meet all other teenagers from seven different nations
and so our journey went while we visited many places in Devon
one especially has remained in my mind - Bideford, a coastal town

where I stayed with an Italian teenager in one family
whose husband was a bank manager of Lloyd’s bank
I had never experienced many things what we did
I was still young, just 16 and it was my first overseas trip alone
and so the journey went and we returned back to Helsinki
only to take a car ride to my little town
yes, my little town where I still live.