Three things about you,three things not about you

1.I am a person with schizophrenia
2.i am a football lover
3.i am a obedient child

1.i am not only a schizophrenic
2.i am not good at basketball
3.i am not a bad person

What’s three thing about you and what three thing is not you?


I understand my illnesses, I try to be a good person.

  1. I am a person with schizoaffective disorder depressive type

  2. I am a good mother

  3. I am filled with anxiety

  4. I am not well right now but hope to be so one day.

  5. I am not my own best friend

  6. I am not always working as hard as I could to make my life better.

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I am a human first… diagnosed with sz second
I take joy in being kind to people
I am a good caregiver if you need one

I am not violent or scary
I am not perfectly healthy
I am not as independent as I’d like to be


I believe you will get better…i think you are at least moving you will be in a better position one day,have a little faith

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I’m schizophrenic. I am a musician and artist. I am christian.

I am not rich. I am not patient. I am not prone to believing this world is any good.

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3 Things about me

I have bipolar disorder/SZA
I have been agitated/anxious/overwhelmed lately
I like playing the guitar

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Pretty much it all comes down to my inability to properly judge about people.

Everyone has troubles with that.

Actually i wanted to say that i trust em too much. Which is known as “shallow minded”

Shallow people seem to be lacking in a lot of concepts. Perhaps trust is one of them…

Been a while since I used that term. To me it has always meant something else.

I have a dictionary :angry:

that is a word.

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  1. I’m good with computers

  2. I enjoy listening to music (Old School R&B)

  3. I like good food

  4. I’m no longer in the mental health hospital

  5. I don’t have racing thoughts at night anymore

  6. I don’t sleep just about all day long like I used to


!. I am filled with self-doubt.
2. I am someone with Schizoaffective Disorder
3. I can have panic attacks very easily.


  1. I am not very talkative
  2. I am not willing to give into my voices
  3. I am not mean
  1. I am able to age and grow with @e_lunaseer.

  2. I am moved everyday. When I heard the activist Rachel Corrie was killed by a bulldozer, in a creative writing mode, I spread out and staked a drum style canvas high above the entire US; rose my fist way up past the exosphere—where it doubled and doubled in size—and with my fist descending and landing, cried out with my heart and soul that “You, Rachel Corrie, are an angel”. (hoping the other side would pass the message on.)

  3. I am a slow minded activist. I want to be instrumental in influencing folks to be stewards to livestock in a manner that will relocate all livestock from CAFOs to ethical farmers.

  4. I am not a user of anything or anyone.

  5. I am not as intelligent as I would like to be.

  6. I am not influenced to accept society must function as classism dictates.


I am a dude getting older and kinda pissed off about it.

I love animals and humans that can’t stand up for themselves.

I’m on the verge of violence pertaining to people and animals being taken advantage of.

Things not me?




  1. I am a person who’s had paranoid schizophrenia for 35 years but my symptoms have receded somewhat.

  2. I am a good worker.

  3. I am told I am a good person but I have trouble believing it

  4. I am not an animal despite how people treat me

  5. I am not helpless

  6. I am not a troublemaker

  1. I am a kind person

  2. I am lazy

  3. I am kinky

  4. Im not mean

  5. Im not selfish

  6. Im not a troll.


I have accepted my sza-d diagnoses and am moving forward
I am more aware and informed of mental illness
I am humble and laid back

I am not a danger to others
I am not aggressive
I am not a pessimist (anymore lol)

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  1. I’m the king of the pumpkin patch

  2. I go crazy when I don’t sleep

  3. I have chronic paranoid schizophrenia

  4. I’m innocent except for being belligerently drunk one night when I was 19

  5. I obviously have a thing for that which is ■■■■■■ up/ those who are ■■■■■■ up.

  6. I make schizophrenia look good, but trust me, being me is not fun for the most part. It’s a waking nightmare.

I am actually quite bright, I just like dark and “disturbing” things because that is what I am on the inside and perhaps I am on the outside, I mean my reflection in the mirror is all I have to speak from.

I mean seriously I am very ■■■■■■ up, I just learned to live with it. My shrink and even told me that I am ■■■■■■ up.

My ends justify my means.

If everyone was just like me, the world would be different and perhaps better, but nothing would get done between the hours of 12pm and 10am.

I don’t really get this post, I like apples.