Three Pines Deodorant

One Christmas, my brother bought me a product from The Dollar Store for my stocking. It was called Three Pines Deodorant.

I used it…broke out in a rash…and had to go to the pharmacy for ointment to make it clear up.

Ever since it’s become a catch phrase in my family for a lousy gift…as in…

“Hey! What present did you get this year?”

“Oh, man! I got Three Pines!” :smile:


That’s funny :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


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I have to use Secret PH-Balanced deodorant, or I’ll break out in a red, sore rash. It’s embarrassing to be using a deodorant intended for women.

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Haha. I love bad gifts. I remember my brother bought my sister this blaze orange fingernail polish. She didn’t even wear fingernail polish. We were really little so it was funny

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The very first Christmas my gf was present we were giving gag gifts and someone got a hot water bottle, to which my grandfather exclaimed “what is that?! A big ol’ douchebag?!”

Welcome to the family.


Omg that’s hilarious. :joy:


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