Three Kinds of People: Before, During SZ, and After

To grasp SZ for an ordinary person is a trick all of it’s own. Most people cannot even fathom what SZ is or that it is let alone what it’s like for the individual going through it. What’s even more remarkable is to experience SZ as a genuine SZ person. It becomes everything that you are, and the only chance is to make everything else about life, love, self development, and achievement mean much more than SZ, or it will be you.

To beat SZ must be one of the great wonders of the world, and there must be people now or in history who have beaten it, but to let on to the world that you have beaten it would be to admit you are a questionable character. What is it like for people who have beaten it? It may not be what anyone expects. Perhaps there are three kinds of minds: the norms, the SZ, and the after SZ people. I have to say that to be the third kind would be profound. I said it is a trick for norms to understand what SZ is like for the SZ person or just what it is in the first place, but understand the person who has beaten SZ…is that possible except for only the people who have beaten SZ.

Imagine a society all its own that has taken a vow of silence never to speak about what it is to anyone because they know that anyone that would give them credit for beating SZ is not worth knowing. They wouldn’t want to know anyone that knew they had it regardless of the fact they had beaten it because of how the knowledge of it changes everything a person thinks of them.

I believe there is a post SZ society, and what a society it must be.

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I think one of the ways to beat the schizophrenia is to take your meds everyday, and I mean everyday, never miss an appointment with your doctor, and try just to act like you do not even have it.

Word is bond yo, it’s beatable

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This is exactly what I do. I take my meds religiously, go to all of my Dr. and nurse appointments, and never tell anyone about my diagnosis, except on this website. And, I presently have no schizophrenia or mood symptoms at all. :slight_smile:

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Then you have won 90% of the battle. Keep it up!

They can be beaten you need to face the facts that they are spiritual beings and have power over our mind realising there influences and learning more about them and their power will help you break their controll over your life you will not be the only one to have them in your life this way there are many million more and also billions of people who beleive in them the key is to understand the way they posses your mind and break their controll you will find alot of evidence in the bible with your personal experiences. I’m not telling you to worship a being from above but study and understand them through the bible.

This is such simple but amazing advice. Just act like I don’t have it. I bet I could make friends that way.

Negusa negast. = let Jah be praised

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You can’t “beat” schizophrenia, otherwise it would not be called schizophrenia, schizophrenia is a chronic lifelong condition, and it’s unbeatable.

It might not be “beatable” but it can be lived with and tolerated.

You can still win many battles and it’s possible to almost win the war.

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Three kinds of people: cool, cooler, and coolest! :sunglasses:

and then there’s me… :disappointed_relieved:

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My psychiatric wrote" psy stable " for me.

Thank you, I will.

You can beat it with help.

And i mean literally beat it.

One might say you could kick the living ■■■■ out of schizophrenia if you had help.


Every time I think I got this thing (sza), licked, it comes back to bite me in the butt somehow. So, I need to learn to never get overconfident, thinking I am cured, but just in a remission. That’s the nature of sza, constant remissions and relapses.

do you mind if I ask if you have symptoms all the time? Im trying to figure out if I have sza or bipolar 1 all my doctor will tell me is that Im not "garden Variety"
whatever that means.

If you find the right medicine and take it every day, never missing a dose, then the symptoms can be managed and you can go ahead and live your life.