Threatening Life Events and Difficulties and Psychotic Disorder

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Do you subscribe to academic literature portals? I used to have access to these portals before but now I’m not in uni anymore, alas.

But yes, abuse triggered my psychosis. Stressful events can really trigger psychosis for sure.

This correlates with my development of the disorder. Perception is reality and twice I had my physical safety called into question. I even had family put on the table.

Safety is Maslows most basic need, and if it’s threatened it can cause a ‘baseline of excitement’ with excitement being a euphemism.

It’s stress and a secret usually, which can’t help.

The less impactful threat might have mattered more bc I was younger. But the ‘truest turd’ I crossed paths with in my lifetime left me thinking I had (schizophrenia “squared”.) I coined a term anyway for how it felt.

I get most of the psychiatric articles I post from my rss feeds or Twitter. Sometimes I’ll use Sci hub to get the full article about something .

Ah, I see. I have trouble getting to a lot of PubMed articles about my genetic disorder because I need to pay in order to read them.

I’ll try SciHub. Also, PubMed has great articles on sz/autism as well but I end up just being able to read an abstract only. . I have PubMed for a few subjects as rss feeds .

Thank you! 15151515