Thousands to be offered blood tests for dementia in UK trial


Both my parents died of dementia. It’s probably what is going to get me. Sometimes I think it is already beginning. I forget people’s names. I forget other stuff too. So far it hasn’t impaired my ability to function, but that might not be far off.

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How much is reaction speed related to brain health or cognitive decline?


Reaction time serves as a valuable measure of brain health. Allow me to delve into the intricacies:

  1. Visual Reaction Time:
  1. Processing Speed and Cognition:
  1. Brain Health and Walking Speed:

In summary, monitoring reaction time provides insights into brain health, and maintaining a healthy processing speed contributes to overall cognitive well-being. :brain::zap:

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6 attempts. Started an attempt again if try below 100ms. 67 years old. Reaction time lengthens with age. The average 30 year old should have a far shorter reaction time than the average person my age.

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