Thoughts - this explains well

Later on after I started taking meds it changed and rather than hearing voices the same as normal voices it became like thoughts spoken into my head. It was still words, sentences but appearing directly in the mind, with no real idea how they got there because they are unrelated to what you were thinking about.

really explains what I experienced except the difference with mine is that it was present when I was not taking meds regularly and was very much a night time occurrence but stopped with regular medication.It’s the 10th post(not me posting)

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I think I’m one of the few sz that don’t experience this. All of my voices or thoughts seem to submerge from the sub-conscious after being in a negative environment. When one thing is wrong I feel that nearly everything could or would be wrong. With others, I’ve read and heard, that the thoughts seem to come from nowhere or be random. I’m wondering if there could be a sub-conscious connection to other thoughts and events, or perhaps a mix of a lot of thoughts.

mine is more like a voice with just a wide range of traits , ranging from suggestion, to helpful, to trying to ruin, to teaching, to training , etc… feels like from the subconcious yet feels outside of earth

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also when I stop hearing voices it kind of happens in sequence, 1. full voice conversational 2. intermittent full voice conversational. 3. muffled voices with occasional suggestion 4. voices turning into my thoughts in 3rd person . and 5. no voices.

This happens in reverses if the voices are come back , so i can usually tell when things are starting to go array

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Wow… :boom: :boom: That’s how it hits me as well.

You know what makes me mad at myself… when I’m working and I notice my head is feeling quiet and I stupidly poke around for my voices… (and then of course if you poke a bee hive… It will buzz.)

then the voices come back loud and distracting. I feel so dumb when I do that… why can’t I just be content with a quiet mind?

When I wasn’t as stable as I am now… I used to think all these thought were out of the blue random.

But as I’ve been in therapy and taking look at what is going on in life and what I’m hearing in my head… it’s not as random as I used to think… even the out of character intrusive thoughts… they have some anchor in my subconscious… it just takes me a while to figure out why.

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Ah yes the dreaded bee hive poke. I tend to do that as well.

I start thinking wow there nothing there its so quiet and I keep checking and checking and then bam it starts.

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