Thoughts on Various Pop Culture Ideologies

I was thinking about the terribly misleading names of various pop culture ideologies, like feminism and humanism. A lot of people don’t even know what these ideologies are even about and the names are so very misleading. For example a humanist is quite the contrast to a humanitarian. I also have no idea why they would label sexual equality as feminism. I’m also pretty sure that if we were all humanists then there would be no humans left. It’s pretty bizarre. I have no idea why people come up with this non sense.


I think about this too. I can only attribute it to not understanding the concepts and the historical backgrounds. Don’t give it much thought, at least you know the difference


Feminism and humanism were both thought up by people who believed in them but then the words became name-calling terms used by their opponents.

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Yeah, I finally looked up what a humanist is… I’ve met a few of them… they always stuck me as kinda off… I think I’m gonna just avoid humanists from now on… =( I mean it’s a popular belief… but wow I can’t believe people actually believe that… =(

Wait, what’s the issue with humanism now? Why do we dislike the term? I feel out of it.

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I mean no disrespect to humanists, I almost became a humanist because I thought it sounded like a good belief- and overall usually I was treated well by the humanists that I ran into and they always seemed pretty smart. However, I looked deeper into the philosophy and I thought, omg, I can’t believe that this is what humanism actually is. I was shocked to say the least… and granted it’s a relatively vague term… but I was like wow I can’t believe people actually believe this…

Emm… If you want my personal opinion on the matter it’s the most selfish philosophy I’ve ever heard of in my life. I thought it was something else.

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I am interested in your opinion. How do you find it selfish? How do you define the term? I admit I only have a very rudimentary grasp of the topic.


Well, for example, a humanist it seems to me would have no qualms in the matter of conscience about destroying another man’s life if the proper criteria were met, regardless of if the knowledge of facts of both sides of the story were present or not. Furthermore, it would then be “simply human” if the humanist found out the facts later… yet “simply human” if the humanist knew the facts in the first place. That sort of thing.

Not to mention I’ve never heard a single apology from some humanists- they just do what ever the heck they want if they feel it is “simply human”.

It’s mostly a matter of conscience. Some humanists don’t have one. Just backstab everybody- it’s only human. That sort of thing.

That’s not my understanding of Humanism, I guess. My understanding of Humanism that people have a moral conscience outside of divinity, that there is inherent worth in human beings, that all humans should have access to education and services, that truth can be discovered through reason and the senses and is not dependent on revelation. I think Humanists in general would find the concept of destroying a fellow human’s life unless completely unavoidable pretty repugnant.

But honestly, Humanism isn’t a term I hear much outside of Beliefnet quizzes and European History classes, so I feel like there’s some cultural component that I’m missing entirely. I mean, I never hear it in day to day context.

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Hmm… I think I’m confusing humanism with Levayan Satanism lol. Haha… whoops.

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That seems like almost the opposite of Humanism. The excuse “it’s only human” in regards to selfish behavior runs counter to the basic principles. I wonder if maybe there isn’t a bunch of jerks running around calling themselves Humanists with no regard to what it means, and you were unlucky enough to meet up with them?

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The Do What Thou Wilt people? They’re jerks :smile_cat: But I think they may have referred to themselves as egoists/individualists, which sounds similar.

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God, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Thanks that helps a lot. See I got like 20 knives in my back half of which were by the same guy. That’s what I get for being a merry light hearted soul. Forgive and forget they say- God, don’t believe it, they just keep doing it again and again.

It ■■■■■■ burns like a ■■■■■■■■■■■■.

Just so everyone gets the reference here to LaVeyan Satanism. (Not to be confused with Humanism.) See particularly the section under “Human nature and society”.


I would like to add that I didn’t mean to accidently convert anyone to LaVeyan Satanism- I used to be a Gothic Christian which strikes a much more mournful tone than a LaVeyan Satanist… lol omg… there’s a HUGE difference… namely being which way you put the cross lol lol lol omg.

I think that Odysseus addressed an ideology of liberal humanism in this case.
Of course I might be wrong, for I read only what Terry Eagleton had to say about its bigotry and social impotence in his well known " Literary theory: an introduction".

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This is Gothic:

You see if you read the lyrics you can see it’s much more mournful.

See Also:

Merry Gothic Christmas:

(In the Lyrics… Heaven Queen is a reference to the Holy Virgin Mary!!! god… lol…I’m not Catholic so all the same take me away we’re dead to the world.)

Yes that may be what I’m trying to address here. IDK some people are just so confused they get the complete wrong idea.

Lol Just so Oblivious.

Dead to the World is actually a reference to the bible.

“Dead to the World but alive to God in Christ Jesus…” Ok I can’t find the particular verse about such a concept- If you’re interested in such a concept then it’s free public knowledge- I can’t look it up right now though. It’s in there though trust me.

Lollololol omg.

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I don’t know…maybe because those ideologies legitimize themselves as the “natural” obvious choices, so under the liberal humanism we think of humanism in general…just like many people under the idea of good think about Catholicism… Not having a clue that every ‘obvious’ term linked somehow to humanity has its long long history of construction.

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Yeah it’s pretty sad. lol.

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