Thoughts on therapy

Comparing mental illness to say, breaking your arm on a regular basis. If you go the med route to treat your mental illness, it’s the equivalent of going to get a cast for your arm, pain meds, etc. Going the therapy route is like…going to the doctor but instead of actually fixing the broken arm or giving you pain meds, you learn how to cope with the pain and function in life despite it. You also learn what probably caused you to break your arm in the first place and how you can try to keep from breaking it again in the future.

That’s why meds and therapy together are important. Going the med route only, sure you fix your arm and get out of pain but you may just go and break your arm again because you didn’t learn anything. And if you do only therapy, you’re still going to be in an extreme amount of pain and have to deal w this broken arm in dire need of treatment, it doesn’t matter how deeply you understand how you got it…

So you need both. I am learning that I need both. Therapy is helpful in many ways but it doesn’t stop the symptoms. I need to get my arm in a cast and to pop some pain killers, if you catch my drift.

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Personally all I did was talk
In therapy

I think I talk too much as it is

Yeah I’ve had some bad therapists. With them it did feel like I was just talking…>_< like going to the doctor for your broken arm and then just letting you go on and on about the pain but not doing anything or offering advice…bleh

My mind is not broken though

Like an arm

It’s more like
Trying to put my shadow on

Like Peter pan

Good image! If I could do therapy more than once a month for an hour I think it could help but living in rural Minnesota I don’t see any better options atm. If a cast would help I’d have a doc put my whole head in a cast.

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back in the day we had a place were you ware asked too go if you had a mental illness it had a gym and a pool room a green house and art studio a cook shop in door smoking area, a resting room with music and so much more…■■■■ you so called normal cut backs we haven ■■■■ now!!!

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