Thoughts on the current age

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bonus track:

Did you want comments on the music or did you want to know what we think of the current age?

Bonus track = bonus conversation… no restrictions here.

To answer your question though it was more about the content of the first two vids… do you have any thoughts?

I haven’t seen ‘Underwear goes outside the pants’ but I have it on my phone and I think it’s one of the most wonderful things out there. The part that struck me was when he talked about how people were saying the homeless guy was just going to waste the money and his reply was he’s homeless what do you want him to do? Save up for an air conditioner? Run to the store and buy a throw rug? (Or something like that, my memory’s hazy) but that part really struck me as very true.

What C does is if they ask him for food he’ll give them food but never money. I think that’s a good policy but I usually try to stay away from any stranger that approaches me. I live in a low police presence town and it’s really scary here, even during the day.

I really hate being a woman because there’s a lot that I can’t do about this stuff. After what my sensi told me back when I was in karate about how a guy is going to whip me around like a slinky if he ever gets a hold of me in a fight I just stay away from it. Besides, I’m not a scrapper. I’d like to think maybe the bipolar has something to do with it but I’m the just go ahead and die without a fight type.

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the wiry folk were the scariest in my karate experience… I’ll be scrappy as hell if it wins a fight…

good lungs is all it really takes though… more endurance… the turtle wins the race

“people say he’s just going to spend it on drugs or booze… hey that’s what I was gonna spend it on… who am i to judge the poor ■■■■■■■?”

Take care @onceapothead :smile:


I wish I was chill enough for someone to say that. I’m as high strung as a rabbit.

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CHIIIIIIILLLLLL OUUUUUUUT (demonic voice) :smile:

you’re fine… find financial stability. House + food… give up on everything else… you’re already living better than 99.9 of human beings all in all.

Enjoy it. (best century ever)

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bhua hahaha ha