Thoughts on grunge and emo

I remember getting rid of my “negative” CDs back around the late 90s because I thought they were messing me up. But I think looking back on it the real reason was my musical palette wasn’t broad enough. I’ve gotten back into a lot of it and realized that to some extent, there was something to it. I can do with the socially conscious songs; it’s the self-deprecating songs that are hard to listen to.

I know some grunge fans think that emo is “whiny and bratty”, but I disagree. I find that the emo I’ve listened to over the last several years (like Death Cab, Paramore and MCR), has more resolve and courage to it. Grunge was like " F’ you, get out of my face. Oh, never mind, I’ll just stare at my shoes. Then I’ll do some drugs and kick myself in the head with a gun." To me emo is “I’m going through a hard time right now, and the world’s messed up, but if I keep a level head, I think I can make it through.” Just some crazy rant by a former tortured soul.


I like emo ■■■■. I like emo girls and guys. I am one like what am I even saying. I like this post

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I like emo and grunge music. It is expressive

No idea about emo. I like grunge though.


I listened to grunge in my teens. I was depressed and chaotic in my head. The music expressed my feelings that I could not do. I was not allowed to show sad or angry feelings as a kid or I’d get beaten.


I was the only one in school in grunge outfit. Dyed my hair at first green, then blue, red, purple and brown. My mom forced me to dye my hair brown because I could not go to the prom in purple hair.

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that’s awful @Comatose I love fun colored hair. It’s a shame they wouldn’t let you wear the color of your choice to the prom. I missed my prom. I was too much of a stoner back then to care but I wish I had gone now.

I’ve learned to let my kids do as they wish. If my son wants do dye his hair red before a party it’s ok to do that. He has done that a couple of times. Proms are not important. You should be able to go as yourself.


I was born and raised here in Seattle, Everyone listened to Grunge… whether they wanted to or not.

You hang out in this much rain… grunge begins to make sense.


Thats the quintessence of emo. Well done sir :slight_smile:

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I grew up with punk rock. Then in my 20s now I went to metal/heavy/grunge

I am a huge Grunge fan, but I like “emo” as well - My musical taste varies

what you guys think of this band? grungy…stoner-punk

it was just ok. too much base.

Not bad at all - pretty cool stuff :smile:

I thought emo was a style of dressing and not a genre of music?

yeah, I like 'em too. They have a unique sound I think. Very chill groove and intelligent lyrics :smiley:

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That is how you know you have made it to maturity.

When you don’t know what the hell young people are talking about anymore you have grown up.


Yeah, see people forget that was totally new to us to hear Nirvana slurring words, incomprehensibly. Every band I had ever heard wanted you to understand them. That was my first reaction to grunge: What are they saying?

I can only begin to imagine the horror the previous generation felt in the sixties.

Back then that was “hard rock”. It was risque, blows my mind.