Thoughts of writing a book or screenplay

Has anyone ever thought of writing a book or screenplay about they’re delusions and beliefs?

Think it would be very difficult to get across as psychosis can be very complex!

But the reality I believed during my episodes would make a great story, if it could be told I’m the right way.

Is there any films or books that truly capture the essence of madness? Other then one flew over the cuckoos nest, which I haven’t seen yet.


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Yes the thought of writing down my experiences has crossed my mind.
But I’ve opted out. I’d rather forget them.

A good movie that portrays schizophrenia is “A beautiful mind” with Russel Crowe as the protagonist.
Another good movie, about a different kind of madness, is “Falling down” starring Michael Douglas.

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It’s too hard to find those thoughts. I spend my time and energy on music. Also my delusions were so religious that reading about them would be a drag.

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I have had some thoughts of writing a book, but I am not a good writer and so my book would be terrible. I wrote over 50 paper sheets and its name was ‘The Book for the Generations’. When I die (hopefully 30 years from today) , people can read this book. I think that the book is full of all kinds of delusions and paranoid thoughts. It is a good topic though.

I had a sz aunt who is dead already. She wrote a book and asked if we could print and publish it. I do not know what happened to her book after her death. Sz people can be quite creative and in the past there has been a market for artwork created by sz people.

I self published a book about my delusional journey…I wrote it during the first three years after psychosis…could still remember all the details…I try to forget about it now, but the book is out there…the first thirty pages of my book are on the home page of this forum, it’s under “schizophrenia success stories” and it’s called “OUT OF IT - an autobiography on the experience of schizophrenia”.


I haven’t seen it, but @Twialine has.


Omg such an amazing movie truly shows how it is in my opinion… It can be triggering though so watch with caution

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Yeah, Falling Down was a good underrated movie.


I could write about living and working with schizophrenia but my initial madness was over 40 years ago and I would be hard put to really remember most of it.

I guess I could if I really tried.

Chapter One: It was friggin horrible.
Chapter Two: I survived
Chapter Three: Yada, yada, yada, I got better and got a job and here I am.


Just wrote this as a first page, would appreciate any feedback!

Thing’s hadn’t been right for quite a while, something was off. He had come to suspect, but was not yet certain of the existence of the game, the rules by which it must be played or the mortal consequences that were wagered upon the outcome.

Some if they knew would think it to be evil, there are some who would think it to be just, and there are those would delight in the pain and suffering it inflicts. In it’s self it is utterly complex and yet beautiful in its simplicity.

The game is old and has been played since the times of the early civilisations of man. There are many levels and the stakes are high, to lose could mean death, torment and torture. For those who win the gift of life and freedom of mind and spirit may be given.

Those who first the gods wish to destroy they first make mad!

The controllers may be known to the public as the illuminati, although though over the millennia they have been called by many names. They are the possessors of an absolute power that is beyond the concept of ordinary men. They are the masters of perception and reality. Mortal gods in their own right, delighting in their omnipotence of retribution, benevolence and above all their ideals of justice.

The idealistic purpose of the game is to free society of those who would do it the greatest harm. Those who must be removed from the community.

As such much good has definitely been achieved and many of the worst and most despicable humans have been terrorised, neutralised or when necessary, destroyed. There are those who have been re habilitated and there are even a select few who have beaten the game and been exonerated.

I would be interested to read that, but can’t find it on the homepage. Could you link it please?

I read your story. Personally I do not believe that the illuminati exists. It is a common delusion though. I do not believe that there are the higher controllers.

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@Luke83 there is a list of things to see on the home page, there is a home button on the left side top of the forum…click on “home” and it will take you to the main page, scroll down and find “schizohpenia success stories” click on that and then look for “out of it”.

I think the first chapter of my book describes psychosis fairly well but I have never published. I posted it once in this site under my other name. No idea where though

Here it is.

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I wish life was just a game. As it is now, it often gets way too serious for me.

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