Thoughts like voices

Does anybody have thoughts that have the same characteristics as voices? I’ve never read anything about that before.

Yes, I had that from a very young age.

When I tried suicide I thought I was being burried and was hearing a priest saying my name and praying on my dead body.

It was my funeral, thoughts, voices and actions all matched, its the worst bcz I nearly died for real.

I get intrusive thoughts. Which is almost as bad as voices.

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Its hard to differentiate i think. What makes a thought not a voice or a voice not a thought? Some of the stuff ive heard outside of my head are more clear voices of others, whil some stuff inside is more unclear who or what they are.

I don’t HEAR anything. That’s why I’m confused. I guess I should just call them voices.

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I have intrusive thoughts and auditory hallucinations… during psychosis I hear my past being read back to me like I’m on trial, I hear the names of ppl I might of hurt and them saying why they feel hurt or how they feel about me. Then at the end I hear whether it is resolved or not …this is usually a all night thing then in the morning I hear that I’m like a radio… during my first psychosis I heard that I had a clear channel and was wasting it… sometimes I also get intrusive thoughts random words or things that have nothing to do with what I was thinking of before. Sometimes dnt even know what the words mean…

I don’t see things, feel things, or hear things. Quite the opposite. I just have thoughts or intrusive thoughts that are LIKE voices, but I don’t hear anything. It’s like I perceive them or they are bizarre or paranormal/psychic in nature. I think I can sense the future which is really my past. I’m just stuck in 2013 like I gained consciousness or sentience. That my body is just a shell, vessel, or whatever. Like soul transfer. or consciousness transfer. Like I was a p-zombie before 2013. Or I popped into existence in 2013 and the local laws of physics changed, countering or going against the known laws of physics. I highly doubt I am from the future, unless I was sent there, cloned, or am some sort of cryogenic-ally frozen guy in a ship like BSG LOL.

I really do suffer and have schizophrenia. I keep coming back alive and I hate it. Sometimes, I just wish I didn’t exist or wasn’t born or had a better, different life. Like changing the past so I don’t have schizophrenia.

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No. You would think you would, if they’re truly created by your own brain.

Also intrusive thoughts like visions… sometimes randomly. Like pictures… frozen images… if that makes sense

It’s the opposite for me - I have voices with same characteristics as thoughts.

Meaning they are silent like thoughts. But with voices they have tone and volume and gender and most importantly are not my thoughts but two spirits in my head

Good question. I think in my case that with thoughts they are able to be controlled but voices are not in my control. They are inserted in my head by the spirits living there (Alien and Sarah) but thoughts are from me. Unless they are inserted by Alien.

I think the difference between inserted thoughts and voices is the way they are presented. Inserted thoughts are vague realisations and are instantly formed but Alien and Sarah’s voices are spoken silently in sentences with tone and gender and volume (whispers or screams or laughter)

When unmedicated I hear the voice, the voice creates fake thoughts and then I unsonsciously do what these thoughts and voices are telling me to do, like killing myself. That ended in suicide attempts 4 times, 2 times nearly successful. One intentional car accident and one intentional poisoning landing me in the emergency for fracture scan, removal of shattered glass in my eyes and given antidote to clean my failing liver and blood.

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