Thought within thought within thought

life is so dazed and confused. that sometimes it feels like we are in limbo as beautifully pictured in inception. similar to dreams our thoughts are in limbo state where there are many levels of thoughts due to voices or hallucinations. wish this can be reduced to thought within a thought to see past them. one day at a time, slowly the problems goes away. anyone feel the same??

life is a dream… some day one wakes up in the safety of his bed and laughs at the nightmare. “it was only a dream” he says and laughs again…


That dream is full of thoughts that feels like there never was a better one before and after. One day will want to just say goodbye to everyone and simply fall asleep hoping there comes a new dream that is like never before.

Sometimes point i am trying to make is not even getting across me. When it does its hard to get across to others. It feels like i am anto-social. Is there a way to be social still?