Thought therapy

I guess being a schizophrenic I struggle to think. Forcing myself to think has helped me, visualizing emptying resistance that everything in me, by doing this I don’t make my thoughts happen. I’ve felt positive energy from it one main question I had asked before I became ill was the question why. I guess from a perspective this world is dark and asking the question why only led to a bad answer for my health that wouldn’t have helped me. They say three days of thinking for 5 minutes a day grows new neurons changes brain structure. And that three months of this process regenerates neurons. So two thoughts I would try is emptying resistance and not asking the question why or saying there is no why.

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Read up on CBT. It stand for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy,

Cognitive = Thinking
Behavioural = What you think
Therapy = Help with your thoughts.

Due to a concept known as neuroplasticity you can use CBT to rewire your brain (grow new neurons).

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