Thought pressure

1.3 Thought Pressure (C.1.3) A sense of many thoughts (or images) with different, unrelated or remotely related meaning/content that pop up and disappear in quick sequences without the patient being able to suppress or guide this appearance/disap-pearance of (ever new) contents of consciousness. Alter-natively, all these thoughts seem to the patient to occur at the same time (simultaneously). This symptom in-volvesa lack of control, many changing thoughts, but also a lack of a common theme and hence a loss of coher-ence or meaning for the patient. The semantic content of the thoughts may be distressing but also neutral or even trivial, without any special personal signifi cance. Often, this phenomenon is associated with spatializa-tion of experience (1.8) where thoughts are experienced in a spatialized way, and sometimes even with a subtle acoustic quality (1.7)

Very Like my bedtime experience before getting on regular meds via depot.


Thank you for sharing this, I find this really important information :information_source: Thankyou!

what’s this? I read the about section but don’t really understand

Great post, @firemonkey , thanks, that’s exactly what i experience in attacks, like my thoughts are not under my control and loud thoughts, often negative, and then my “normal” thoughts argue with the loud, alien thoughts.

It’s worse when i take olanzapine in doses above 5 mg. I have reduced olanzapine to 2.5 mg because i have had these attacks the last two days, and it is very painful. The alien thoughts are telling me to kill my self.

If you are interested in the concept of the minimal self and schizophrenia i can recommend to read something by the scientist Dan Zahavi or Joseph Parnass.

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