Thought just occured to me

I was diagnosed in 1980 when I was 19. But my mother told me later that she thought something was wrong with me in high school, but she didn’t know what it was. I graduated when I was 17 because I had skipped 8th grade. But it was after high school, that looking back, I can see I started acting a little weird. Mostly weird thoughts and acting out of character. But the thought that I was mentally ill never crossed my mind and my family never brought up the possibility or even hinted at it… Acting weird became my new normal.

But the thought occurred to me a minute ago. If I had never skipped that grade, than I would have been 18 in high school. And it makes me wonder. Would I have flipped out in school? Would I have flunked all my classes? (I actually flunked almost all my classes anyways when I was 17). My life could have been drastically different if I hadn’t skipped that grade. I can speculate about it. It just makes me wonder.