Thought disorder

i was told i talk shite maybe the truma of psychosis caused this

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we have the type of illness that the public would say there’s noting wrong wit ya


I was told in my mid 20’s that I talked too much ■■■■ but then I recently asked a friend of mine and he said I don’t at all.

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Altho e(Y)e Actually L(Y)Ke Your Sentence … ,

Wait , Lemme Start Over … ,

e(Y)e Personally Can’t Do Injections , , ,

Scares Me , Hurts Me , tha Nurse and tha Needle Dangles in Front of My Fahchay , as if to Say , Something About Me Ever Making a Mistake e(Y)e Shall Feel that Needle … ,

My Elder Organism Room-mate (when e(Y)e would complain) Would Chuckle Within Indifference and Say “it wont hurt long hahaha” … ,

N e Hoo ,

e(Y)e L(Y)Ke Your Sentence as if to Say , We Are Equal With “normal” “reality” People , but Within Nails on a Chalkboard Feeling , it’s a Really Black Sky of Blood Rain … … …


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