Thought contamination

I think some people are not necessarily mentally ill but are contaminated by the thoughts of mentally deranged and ill people and then they start behaving and thinking like they are even though they are not.

Drug addict musicians, etc. I think can have that affect on a lot of people.

It’s become cool in a way to be mentally ill and psycho.

So people who had a chance to make something of their lives are low functioning and thinking like they are in the gutter even though there may be nothing wrong with them, just a thought contamination and bad ideas.

Only if it’s convenient for them.

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I would give every single thing i own including one of my kidneys to not see demons chasing me and conspiring to get me everywhere i go. Voices paranoia, its not really so fun dude

Some people do drugs to experience “mental illness” in varying degrees.

then let them become crazy so they can feel what its like.

They start thinking the drugs give them a more accurate interpretation of reality than their normal brain does.

I think drugs might help out with the little issues, but when it comes to the big issues, like where you’re going on the here on after they help as much with.

like when you’re on drugs, it is easy to pick apart little things in your mind, but what about the big things?

So when you’re on drugs, in essence, you are focused more on the under world than you are God.

And I think that is true for most people who are chemically dependent or imbalanced in that sense.

I smoked some pot years ago to increase my math skills. Ended up schizophrenic. I wanted to think outside the box or experience enlightenment. I struggled with thinking abstractly, which has to do with IQ and other things.