Thought broadcasting

I asked my mum if she can read my thoughts. She said it’s impossible. She reads the body language and my facial expressions and she understands my situation. Thought broadcasting is bulls hit, she said.

But aliens can read my thoughts…

I learnt to stop asking people I knew if could hear my thoughts. They (almost) always say no - either they can and they lie about it anyway, or they can’t and it makes me look crazy.

I can sense some people listening to my thoughts sometimes, and sometimes interfering with my thoughts. But it doesn’t seem to be everyone or always, and I don’t know who it is


Just a vague feeling that your thoughts being transmitted

Anyone else with thought broadcasting?

my way to reduce it is not sending any thought and as a result not getting any.
it’s go to their subconsciousness and they are not aware of it
it’s only a feeling


i have no control over my thoughts and I think people can hear them in busy places - especially if we make eye contact it makes me feel very uncomfortable. That’s why I just try and focus on objects rather than people. Seems to help.

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When I sense it, I do things like counting or translating random phrases, so that whatever they hear is useless to them. Not so easy to stay focused on that for a long period of time though if it goes on for a while

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In my projects I have categorized three types of mind: type a, b, c.

A type mind is when one is fully aware that all senses of all things are in the mind. The person can sense that very strongly. This is a logical perspective.

Type B mind is when one believes that what they see, hear, feel is the real world, and they never realize that it is a representation in their minds as the mind is only a representational phenomenon. Information.

Type C mind is when one believes has no mental interiority, and this is fully graspable. All things about the self are exposed to judgement of other minds usually emanating from sci fi ideas that any form of telepathy exists. There is no privacy in this mind to this person’s perception.

The type C mind is as though the mind is inside out. That means that the way this mind type perceives is that all things inside the mind are on the outside, and there is no “private thought or feeling” nor are their any “private actions.” It’s all seen and judged by one sci fi creature or another.

The fact is though that this is fallacy. The type C mind is a lie. Even the type B mind is a lie.

Type B and C minds wind up with very troubled minds or never exceeding an average life’s achievements because they cannot do better than that without a mind that thinks rationally based in logic not fallacy.

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What I have found is that the best feeling in the world is feeling that no one can read my thoughts and feelings, and proving it to myself with my own line of reasoning.

So I do it all of the time. That’s why I use logic, research, think, and write so much. That’s how I stop the obscenity of what comes with “ideas of thought broadcasting” and all of the trauma that goes with that. Also it is very embarrassing. People can see that I’m mentally ill when I’m like that.

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I don’t know about aliens, but I do sometimes wonder if it’s beings beyond our realm so to speak, such as if we are trapped in a matrix and they are outside of it

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before treatment I could relate to you
I was in etheric world and you can find many creatures there. :smiley:

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There can be communication between the matrix and the real world?

What kind of creatures?


but now every thing seems OK

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I’ve had a few times with well a lot thinking people are going to call me gay or bitch or hoe.

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These are auditory hallucinations rox.

It seems possible to me, though I would guess the means for communication would have to be created from outside of the matrix

I go through phases on that issue though, wondering if I’m in the matrix. At other times it’ll be a different theory for a while. for example wondering if I’m still in a coma and this world is a dream, and the voices and what not are from people around my comatose self

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I also believe we are in a dream hallucinating world and beings. Solipsism

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What do you mean?!!