Thought Broadcasting some distance?

If you find the idea of thought broadcasting / my computer being hacked look at a different thread!

Ok so I was talking to a friend on Steam, whilst watching legend about the Kray twins and I’m saying I was watching a film.

He told me which film I was watching and the scene I was on! He said to check my chat logs as he said I had mentioned the film to him. When I did I got lent the film on Wed and haven’t spoken to him since Tue.

So my choices are:
He’s ill enough to remote view.
I’m thought broadcasting, even though we live some distance away.
He’s somehow hacked my computer?

Why don’t you ask him how he knew?

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He’s gone off to watch the fireworks, as it’s bonfire night tomorrow.

He did say I told him, but I check my chat logs and I haven’t spoken to him since getting lent the film!

My schizophrenic side thinks telepathy of some sort.
My Logical side thinks my computer has been hacked!

Right, but he knew you had the film before you watched it. I.e. You told him. But ask him how he knew!

Here’s what I think happened

  1. You mentioned the film to him
  2. You say you’re watching a film
  3. He’s says it’s the film: the only film you’ve ever mentioned to him
  4. He guesses the scene. (is it a famous scene?)
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4: Well they do spend a lot of time in pubs…
3: I don’t normally talk films with him.
2: Yes.
1: I don’t think I mentioned it, but god knows. It has elements about MI in it so maybe.

Thanks for trying to break this down for me, but I’m still thinking there may be more to this than meets the eye!

there may be more to this than meets the eye!

Probably not unfortunately / fortunately!


So I asked him and he seems to think that I mentioned it at some point…

The problem is that the chat logs are too small to check :frowning:

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