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Thought Broadcasting & Recovery


I have a DX of Shizoaffective. I have managed to get control of all my other symptom of schizo except the Thought Broadcasting element, I have been suffering from Thought Broadcasting since 2011. At this point I have realized that it isn’t going to go away and medicine isn’t going to stop it. So i have to pretty much live with it. I am also a recovering alcoholic/drug addict. I have noticed that it is so much easier to cope with TB without drinking and drugging. I have almost 3 years clean and sober. I was just looking to get advice from other people that suffer from Thought Broadcasting and are also in recovery. I am in AA but it gets to be to much going to meetings when you also experience thought broadcasting.


my father is a recovering drug addict but still drinks. one symptom he and I don’t have in common is thought broadcasting. he believes people can read his thoughts and he can hear my mother’s thoughts and that she is cheating on him. even though she never leaves without my brother except to doctor appointments. he has learned to live with it but feels they could up his dose of Seroquel to help him but his family doctor won’t (I don’t know what dose he is on)

by the way congratulations on three years of recovery.


Thanks! I feel for your Dad. In my personal experience it started getting better when i quit drinking and drugging and got on some non addictive meds to curb my anxiety and obsessive thoughts. Anxiety goes hand in hand with TB if you can ease the anxiety that comes along with it, it gets better well at-least in my case. lol


that’s a grand observation


Ya it is considering most of the people I have met with Though Broadcasting just sit in there house all day smoking weed and drinking. (Not All but some)


as long as refraining helps you, you’re doing good.


Thanks I really appreciate the support people are throwing my way!


you are welcome


If my friend won this battle of thought broadcasting you can too… I got it since Feb 2017


You need to realize it you think about it a lot it takes time and patience and keep saying it’s not true and don’t believe it it