Thought broadcasting is ruining my life

This started a year ago. I was living in paying guest in a single room. My pg mates were friendly and got too close as I am a bit too open to people. I smoked marijuana occasionally but became a pot head after I moved in.
I started smoking the first day in the new place with those pg mates whome i just got to know then. The dillusion started from there as they were sometimes saying , " Whats inside can be seen from outside " and when i asked them what are you talking about as it made no sense, they went on smiling and said, " no nothing “.
Days passed on and I totally forgot about all this . One day we had a party and was late at when this happened, as I just went inside my room for bed they stared mumbling and disscussing among themselves in the adjacent room and I tried to listen as they were telling everything I was thinking and doing in my room and I am damn sure of having my ears checked. I started getting paranoid from that day.
Months passed and i had to move on with my life and got shifted to another place.
I still had that delliusional feeling but stoped caring about it cause it isnt possible . But the same thing happened at the new place but ONLY WHEN I SMOKED WEED . People are always very kind to me nowadays and I dont know why, maybe its because im changing myself or as my theory says,” evryone knows everything ,so whats the point?"
I have innumerable proofs as I remember almost evrything and still know this happens to me but only when i am baked of somking weed.
Today, searching for people like me got me here. I almost left smoking weed cause it dosent makes me happy anymore, but only more sucidal. I still think people pretend to be nice to me when im not high. Maybe its me who has made a terrible mistake and the world is aware of it but not me. I lost all my friends though im meeting new “good , extremely friendly, faithfull people” ■■■■■■ peoples why dont they just confront me face to face damn…I cant hear them…I cant read anyone’s mind?? Everyday is becoming a challange for me to survive with evryones mind inside my head. I also sometimes think people can see what i see if they are prior to me. These situation has changed my mind so much that the things I never thought are made to be stuck in my mind nowadays.
If you read this dellusions becoming reality kind of thing , you may have an answer or you may too be sufferering. Please I urge you to
share any positve way of getting out of this unwanted supernatural power.
Help needed .

Thank you
God Bless.

Do you see a psychiatrist?


No not yet and but I am think ot wont be helpful

Dude. Been there. Just take it slow man and dont act irrationally. I wish I could guide you through ■■■■ but it’s tough. If anything. STOP doing ALL drugs!!! Asap. Not kidding. They will ■■■■ you up beyond belief. If you dont want anymore bullshit stay away from the drugs. I swear I wish I would’ve listened to my parents. The drugs have to stop. You might live with some lingering thoughts and emotions but it’s way chill just relaxing. Anyway dude. Hollar at me anytime if you want some advice on ■■■■. Just stay away from shady topics and people. Just walk away man it’s not worth the further information. ■■■■ just twists you up. Good luck bro!


I take high doses and I have no side effects. Why should I quit? Without meds i am lunatic. Why should I quit?

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High THC strains of marijuana can cause or worsen schizophrenia, it’s a psychotic. If you really have to smoke weed, I’d recommend a strain with high CBD and no THC. CBD has antipsychotic properties.

Marijuana causes brain damage, according to SPECT scans though.


Yes I am in a urge to stop smoking weed. I dont take any kind of drugs though. I am trying to ignore any kind of irrational thoughts now. Thanks for your concern anyway bro.

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Everyone is different , maybe thats how it is right man.

This is quite true for me.

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@The_exposed you should quit street drugs not medicamentation, and don’t listen to guys who have 1 day of forum activity


Marijuana (the THC in it), is probably causing all of your problems. I recommend switching to the legal CBD. The kind that only has CBD and no THC. That stuff, (THC), is a hallucinogen. It will really mess you up.


i’ve heard this situation happening a lot over the years.

lots of the same advice about quitting street drugs. i hate to be that guy but it’s sound advice.

those in retrospect wish they would’ve before things got worse. i know i was thankful whenever things got out of hand and quit. it was something that was in my control and made a huge difference in my life.

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Don’t use recreational drugs. I ruled them out the hard way, I smoked weed for 6 months after my dx. I lost my job at Subway. I was clean for 9 months and then I decided on Halloween 2018, I would take an edible and vape pure Cbd. I ended up suicidal and was taken to the hospital on suspicion of overdosing. Now I know you can’t technically overdose from weed, but it’s different for me. Scary night. Learn from my mistakes. Talk to your doctor about it, there are studies that link schizophrenia, psychosis, and cannabis use. It’s no joke, it’s just the facts.


I’ve experience the same exact thing and I’m still struggling with it. Every where I go I hear people talking about the exact thoughts I’m having.

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