Thought broadcasting is real

So my life pretty much fell to pieces last October when I discovered my whole life had been a lie and people had been able to hear my thoughts for however knows long. I went into hospital for a month, I never had voices in my own head until I started the Olanzapine, which I’ve now stopped. Sometimes I still hear them, they tend to rip into me.

Although for some reason, no one is allowed to talk about it and my theory is that if they do, then people will be able to hear their thoughts too.

This doesn’t stop people from being subtle and cracking sly jokes and saying incredibly horrible things.

I’m now too petrified to even go out in public because on top of all of this, I feel like I’ve lost control of my mind (thought alienation) my mind will literally conjure up offensive and horrible things and I’m constantly fighting against it, thinking that it’s not me that’s thinking that. I always balance a horrible thought out with a positive one aswell.

This is categorically not a delusion, this has become my reality and it’s terrifying.

Is there anyone else going through this?


Nah, I’m far past the point of caring who or if anyone can hear my thoughts ~ or me for that matter. Part of the perks of getting old.


Can I get old now please lol!

How long has it been since you found out?
Any coping mechanisms you had in the start?

I hate the fact other people are going through this too!

I broadcast very offensive thoughts, against my will. I broadcast racial stuff. I swear I’m not a racist. Anything the least bit sensitive I broadcast offensive messages about. It’s humiliating for me and for everyone else. If there was any way I could arrange my life this way, I would not go out at all. I would hide in my room. If I lived in a city and had the money I would hide in an apartment and send out for all my food. If there is any way you can stop it, put an end to it now. I’ve been this way for thirty-five years. This problem has robbed me of my life. I know you don’t want that. Talk to a pdoc. Tell him what the problem is. He can probably look it up in a diagnostic manual and decide what to do about your problem.

I completely feel your pain, I can enter a room, my mind will throw up something embarrassing or again racist, just like you (I’m not racist either) and the entire room will go completely silent and people will look at me. I wish I could go back to before I realized I had this problem, my mind used to be normal.

I’ve heard my mum speaking downstairs and saying ‘you are not my daughter anymore’ and it broke my heart, I’ve tried speaking out to her about whats happening in my mind and the fact that its against my will, but she just doesn’t believe me, I can tell.

I had regular meetings with a pdoc but it felt like he was against me too, and I ended up saying that I didn’t believe it anymore to avoid being sectioned for 6 months, the other patients in the hospital would all sit together and openly discuss me whilst I was in my room!

I think I may contact a different pdoc.

Yeah, this is a lot of our realities. It’s not true though. I’m so used to it that it doesn’t bother me.

There’s reasons why we get put in psyche wards and put on medications.

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Its literally so confusing why doctors would put me on olanzapine knowing what its for, when they are clearly in on the secret, truthfully, I’ve seen a few other posts on this website regarding this, hence why I posted here!

Something to do with the doors of perception?
The gate or the door.

Is that right?

Portal. In the living room. Handshake.

when I say doors of perception btw, this is to do with third eye meditation, not some door or portal to another world, its not transcendental haha

Oh, too bad…My portal is stuck open and the spooks are pouring in.

What’s it for, besides putting weight on the underweight very fast.

It’s an anti psychotic for SZ and bipolar, albeit it does help people to put on weight quickly, but I was told by a doc they wouldn’t prescribe it for weight gain, hope you find a way to close your portal, the spooks sound like a pain in the ass!

See if you can get the pdoc to look through the diagnostic manual to see if there is any kind of disorder like this that is officially listed. I’m considering getting electroconvulsive therapy. I still haven’t made up my mind about it. If I get it, and it works, I’ll try to let you know.

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There’s no telepathy going on here. It’s a very common symptom of schizophrenia. The doctors put you on medication because they hoped it would make you better, and they are not in on it. No one can hear your thoughts. And please, guys, can we not tell her that she’s telepathic? It’s the illness and this forum is for helping people overcome it. Thanks.


Don’t worry lol, I know for a fact that I’m not telepathic!

and thank you Crimby, I’d appreciate that, hope it goes well for you!

Hearing people talk about you while you’re in the room is a hallucination. I had the same thing when I was in the hospital. You have to reality check these things. Can you hear other people’s thoughts? Why do they have the ability to hear yours but you can’t hear theirs? I know you said you think negative thoughts but try picking someone and thinking really ugly thoughts about them. Wouldn’t they respond? We’ve all been here. Keep taking the meds, test your beliefs, and be honest with your pdoc. :sunny:


Mine is more that people are watching and listening in by way of camera’s and listening devices, not so much thought broadcasting, I don’t think one can do that or the world would be much different.
I somewhat faced my fears and over time convinced myself if they are watching and listening to me it is them who have a problem not me and if they hear or see something to adult for them tough

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I don’t think I’d go out of my way to purposefully think anything horrible about anyone, my mind does that by itself against my will and people don’t respond! I’m a firm believer in thinking something positive immediately after to balance it out, even though I can’t help it in the first place! Horrible experience to go through! :frowning:

Nobody can hear your thoughts. Youre experiencing a delusion.

Something that might help you it knowing that literally everyone has disturbing violent/racist/sexual thoughts sometimes. It is part of having a human brain. Sometimes, I’ll be driving down the road, and I’ll think, “I could just turn my wheel slightly, and then everyone in that car over there would be dead.” It’s just a random thought, and it means nothing. Most people, when they get these thoughts, just shrug them off and move on. Since yours are causing you such distress, try to remind yourself that they are perfectly normal. Remind yourself that if other people really could hear your thoughts, they would recognize those thoughts as the totally normal disturbing thoughts that everyone has from time to time. Nobody would think badly of you for having such thoughts.