Thought broadcasting for dummies

Why is it that people can hear my thoughts but everyone elses thoughts stays in their heads. I know they think as well. Why can people only hear my thoughts and know what im thinking? This is terrible.

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This helped my thought broadcasting after only 5 days of use, but month may be required to get full potential. You use this as add on to the ap you are on now


Thankyou. Is this the only vitamin that can help with it?

Thought broadcasting is a symptom of your illness, andnot real.
You should really have your meds upped


When I was thought broadcasting, I could tell what other people were thinking too and this only added to my misery.

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Thought broadcasting is the pitts. I can control it; but though I hate it the fix makes me mad too sometimes.

@anon55704218: If you can afford Daily Essential Nutrients by Hardy Nutritionals, you’ll notice massive improvements even in the first month. This, plus Amyloban 3399, is giving me my normal life back.

It’s FDA approved and has tons of studies and success stories on of it helping people with mental illnesses like anxiety and bipolar. I heard on another forum that it helped someone with schizophrenia too and that’s what convinced me to take it.

But you have to be good with diet too, need low sugar and fat, and wheat / dairy / egg avoidance, to minimize the brain inflammation that you have. Should do OK on that kind of regimen.

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no supplements will work, you are wasting your time, only right antipsychotic medication will work, are you taking any? What dose? taking supplement for delusions is like taking protein powder and not actually exercising.

There are scientific studies that show D.E.N. works for various mental illnesses …

It might be just as effective as placebo, and those studies can easily be bribed, trust i tried a lot of supplements, they dont actually do anything, you must understand: supplement industry is far worse than medication in industry and far more money go into them. it is better take a real medication, than some-kind of shroom expect to help from delusions. Of course it MIGHT help memory, or you would think so because of placebo effect.

There’s a big thread about Amyloban 3399 on this forum here: Amyloban 3399 (Lion's Mane) discussion

It has helped like half a dozen people on this forum, including me. We’re grizzled schizophrenia vets who know when something is mere placebo and when it’s actually effective. @velociraptor takes it too, and he’s been around the forum for a long time.

It’s either working by reducing neuroinflammation or healing nerve damage. I believe it’s the first.

This Daily Essential Nutrients thing is new though, and the studies aren’t huge, but there’s at least one 91-person study that shows it works for the anxiety levels that earthquake survivors experienced. 74% of people who took it showed significant reductions in depression, anxiety and stress symptoms, versus 20% of the control and 43% of a different formulation.

It seems to be good for general mental health disorders. I definitely am glad to have taken it, 31 days and counting. It’s like my brain is going back to normal.

I have zero vested interest in vouching for this stuff. I don’t make a red cent doing so.


We are talking feelings, like anxiety, depression and so on, but not about something as serious as on-going psychosis (something serious) and delusions, yeah they might help to elevate a little bit of mood, but where i can find study how hallucination are affected by it?

" Improvement of refractory schizophrenia on using Amyloban®3399 extracted from Hericium erinaceum"

Refractory is when a person isn’t appreciably responding to conventional antipsychotics.

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Any other articles? Cannot find the name of the author, do not trust articles just by reading them.Have you bought the full text? Cause i want to read full cases and only 10 cases that start with first one with almost fully functioning schizophrenic is not a suprise that he might does better over the time, but still, sending just one page is not credible work.

I didn’t buy the study, and the Japanese authors are searchable (Kazutoyo Inanaga, Taketoshi Matsuki, Yoshio Hoaki, Koji Miki, Akira Shigemoto, Susumu Hirota, Nobuhiro Mori, and Nobuyuki Hattori).

The line “All patients were refractory to currently available antipsychotic
agents, but improved without exception and with no adverse reactions” in the results of the study convinced me to try it out.

It raises histamine levels so it’s not totally clear cut beneficial for everybody. @velociraptor says that of the people his psychiatrist recommends this to, half get better, and half don’t, roughly. Some even get worse (but get better after they stop taking it.) YMMV.

How is the “improvement” defined in the article? As I and you can’t read the full cases without buying it. Like said 10 people for a clinical study ain’t much. had the study been done with the placebo? We have a member with psychosis and suggesting buying some mushrooms supplement at first hand is not a great option. I graduated BA honour in history and data analysis in UK, so I judge only by reading whole study, what methods were used and what evaluation scale was it used

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I can rent the study, but I don’t know if I can share it with you.

I take Lion’s Mane and I found it really helpful when I take it in the morning.

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