Thought about moving to my sister's city

I’m 61 years old and am living alone now since mother died. My sister and her family live in the Washington DC area.

The cost of living is much higher there, and I would be making the same income from Social Security Disability. An example, the minimum Uber ride here is $7.80. In DC it’s $11.00. The market value of the apartment I currently live in is $750.00, but in DC the minimum is something like $1,500.00.

It would be nice if I lived near my sister, but I can’t beat the cost of living in Arkansas. I think I’m going to stay where I’m at.


Maybe you could look into getting on a section eight waiting list in your sister’s area?

I live alone too, but I don’t get lonely as much as I used to.

I got my kitty and family who live in my neighborhood.


I guess I could.

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I feel for you.

It really does suck that people are priced out of so many places

The situation where I live is similar

Where all the good jobs are etc prices are just ridiculous

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