Thought about it

I’m currently taking lithium, latuda, amitriptyline, clonidine and benzthropine I was on haldol injections a year ago and they helped but when the doctor I’m seeing now asked if I wanted to go back on it when I first started going to that proc I said no because I went through 6 weeks of withdrawal that were terrible.

I kind of want to go back on the injection but I worry about if the doctor will want to put me on pills first

What makes you want to go back to it?

The voices and it helped with the visual stuff too

If it helps you out maybe going back on it is right for you, you could also look into other medication if you aren’t sure.

You never know until you ask.

The Haldol pills aren’t so bad. I take 30 mg a day and other than the extreme fatigue, I can handle the side effects. What’s wrong with pills? They virtually eliminate my hallucinations, except for one or two breakthrough episodes a month.

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The pills just make me so tired and at 30mgs a day I was still having symptoms and that is one of the reason my old pdoc put me on the injections.