Those with voices

Do they talk like their with you. Mine say things like “we leave this on all the time to monitor him” or “do you guys want to ■■■■ with him?” it’s like someone always there leaving no piece of mind.

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Yeah mine have said those exact things at times.

Sometimes it’s just one talking to me…sometimes they have group discussions about me in the closest…like "she really needs to sleep ".

Mine talk with me, about me, about things I don’t know about, about things going on in the community, about the future, about the past (detailed things). It also knew the future and proved it to me. Also,A man was once following me (true story) and the voice used his voice so I now think it’s him who is doing this to me.

Mine would also pretend that I was on camera because they would say things like ‘he looks nervous does he hear us?’ Or ‘his clothes are all dirty’ or ‘look I’ll make him turn in a circle’ and I would turn around sharply as I’m walking ( but not intentionally like when I go to grab something) they also used to comment on my pupil size as I was watching tv (because I would pretend for ages that I couldn’t hear them, and they were checking my pupils to see if I was nervous from hearing them) it’s the reason I thought the tv screen was a camera.please believe me these are only snippets it was much more intricate than that

It freaks me out.

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What other kinds of things do they say to you that are smart?

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