Those who believe shall be saved

Believe on The Lord and you shall be saved. Repent and turn from your sins. We are closer to the end then we where in the beginning of earth. Call on the name of The Lord, the final judgment day draws near.

i don’t believe in god, we are closer to the end because humans have destroyed the planet, we have climate change because of greed and stupidity.
take care


No one just calls him you know, he does the calling im afraid.

Not only that, if “all shall bow(willingly)” and “God will have all mankind to be saved” then all will eventually believe and be saved.

I for one would not like to be chosen by him, he can screw off with all of that! That would be like walking against rome, not doin it there God, nope, and we have all heard how you treated john the baptist so please, for blank sakes stop chosing people, no thanks.

Like seriously, who in the hell would actually want to be God’s chosen few?! They all got killed and imprisoned and ■■■■ like that! Screw that!

Throw me into the lake God and don’t chose me, it’s not like you protect your people now is it?

Hells too crowded. Real estate down there goes for astronomical prices. Heaven is empty except for Paul Newman. Do you realize how much money he made for charities with his pasta sauce?

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The world is going to end in approximately 4 years, but change will start soon during Obama’s term leading to the end times.

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What the ■■■■ is ■■■■ like this being allowed to be trolled here?

Saying that…I’m an atheist and I don’t give two hoots what you backwards ■■■■■■■ think!

You are going to hell…I’m going to oblivion which makes this life all the more nicer that fuckheads like you are thinking about an afterlife that doesn’t exist…

Seriously…what if your wrong? ■■■■ I’ve read the good book and I’m kind to people…that’ll get me onboard the spaceshuttle over all these sex perverts who are priests anyways…

Shoot the moon,