Those that take benzos for severe anxiety

At present I have started on Lorazepam 1mg twice daily PRN.

After how long do you have to wait in minutes for the drug to take effect and stop the anxiety

in its tracks. I find it takes at least an hour before ridding of the anxiety - is this normal for this


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My father took lorazepam for over 30 years, he was used to take it with empty stomach with some sweet tea and believed that by doing so it takes about 15 minutes for it to show its effect and while its effect is more powerful in comparison to when you take it with full stomach,
My advice: take it with empty stomach with some tea or with weak coffee and rest for 30 minutes and after that eat your food
I take it too sometimes 2mg and some times 4 mg and not regularly, for me with this method the effect shows up after about 15 minutes too,
Full stomach decreases its effect sensibly,


Thanks for the reply

My panic attacks are random but I take your advice on board.

Did your dad ever develop a tolerance?


I think you can take ativan because I was on it in the hospital along with the antipsychotics and antidepressant

yea if i remember correctly, when i was in the hospital it took about 20 minutes to work, but that was cause my stomach was probably empty by meds time

What Anti Psychotic are you on?

No, he used it before going to hospital and it was effective for him, for sure he was addicted to it but yet it was effective for him, he died one month after going to hospital because of lung problems,

It would take me around 30 minutes to an hour so that’s pretty typical.

Sorry to hear about your loss.

Does anyone take ativan preemptively by that I mean if you feel like an attack is coming on take beforehand or only take it in the throngs of a panic attack?


Ps I take clozapine

If your prediction is true 70 percent of times then you can take it before it happens, why going through pain if you can stop it before,
I take clozapine too,
All, my opinion, you can consult a more professional than me " if it ever existed",

Hey, I was on ativan for 4ish years or so, just came off of it recently. Was taking it for panic disorder. I took it as soon as I felt an attack coming on, and for me it took roughly 20 minutes to take effect, with the maximum benefits taking 30-40 mins. Hope this helps.

I’m on Klonipin 0.5 mg prn anxiety. It takes about 20 -30 minutes for effect.

Does everyone feel like crap like I do after the panic attack (if uncontrolled)
And feel very depressed afterwards which can last longer than the panic attack?

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The good news is that the last attack I had was 2nd March.

I keep 3 x 1mg Ativan on my person just in case which is also helping as a back-up.