Those tests they give you before they admit you in the hospital

I aced every one. I got a perfect score on all of them.

They ask you, “OK, count backwards from a 100 by 7’s”.
Or they ask you, "OK, what does it mean when they say, “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”?

Here’s my favorite one. They ask you, “What day of the week is it”?
And to top it off, the million dollar question: “Who’s President right now”?
I love those tests.


the test I had to take to get “out” of the institution was a fill in the circle questionaire with about 350 questions. I almost flunked because they asked me if there were spys around…haha…I filled in yes with no. 2 pencil and then thought, oh ■■■■ they will never let me out if I say that. so I said , no and they didn’t catch it because I was released a few days later.


All I remember them asking me is if I’m seeing something that’s not there

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They never asked me. Just booty-juiced me on my way after I mentioned violent commands from voices, never doing that again… Thanks 5150 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: . Twas not a good time.


I remember one of my last times being in the hospital. I was only there for 2 days because I got tired of taking regular booty darts because they thought I was skipping meds.

Booty juiced and booty darts! Ultra mega lolz :nerd_face:

Heyy! XD Hehe. Once I got booty juiced int he arm for no reason O_o. One of the girls there called it being “ass-juiced”



The hospital staff woke me up yesterday to get blood and they ask for your full name and birth date. I couldn’t remember my birth date for a couple of minutes! Stupid migraine.

Uh, hello… The things I was seeing and hearing were there. The fact that others weren’t perceiving them wasn’t my problem.



last time i went in…they asked me this “How long have you been pregnant and what meds are you on?”

Not a written question, a verbal question from a nurse who was looking at me while i was standing there naked waiting for a set of hospital issue clothing…she never even looked at me, heard my voice, saw my stomach, never looked lower…i was like “I’m a guy…”

She did a double take and rubbed her nose “Post op i take it?”

pissed me off so bad…


I don’t like those questions. I never remember what day of the week it is or who’s our prime minister.

I got that question this week. I answered: Shiny Pony. The nurse looked irked – I suspect she voted for him.

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mmmm, uhhhh, ok

Those are to see if it’s not a different mental disorder, because schizophrenia doesn’t usually cause problems that make it difficult to answer those.

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I remember being delusional and was asked what day it was and I didn’t know.

It depends on how interested you are in politics and see news. I hardly watch tv at all. I don’t recognize any famous people.

They’re just human beings like everyone else anyway. I don’t get all the stupid hero worship that people do for them.

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I have never understood the glass house statement. I wouldn’t live in a glass house unless I had enough blackout curtains or aluminum foil to cover them…