Those born around now, are you sad for them ? I am

Most of them will die a death due to the last few generations alone’s
actions, numbers, lifestyle
It’s started, with HIV being one of the earlier climate change viruses.
10 new viruses a year with A pandemic to rival covid (which may not have peaked) every ten years,
There will be major city sea level rises within their lifetime
Mass migration no one will be able to support
When it comes down to it
Uk imports 1/2 our food. We are only capable of supporting half our population
We are in a car, with our seatbelt on, going fast,
As though we don’t know what is around the corner

Not if they’re born to rich families no. They’ll find a way to scrape by.

I am confident that things will get sorted out eventually.

Usually this happens after a good old war to re-shift the landscape.

It will either be brought by terror or nukes.

Perhaps that is bleak after all, but you never know what people like Bill Gates and Elon Musk can do with wealth that rivals support states give to each other - in different ways of course in these examples.

I think on current projections a further up to 2.4 meter sea level rise by 2100 will put an end to most things

I feel bad for anyone born on this planet at anytime, no one has any clue what chaotic bullsh*t is right around the corner ready to turn their world upside down.

Yes, it does look rather bleak. But who knows maybe the degeneration is not a straight line. Meaning, perhaps there will be some good times for these people too.

why sad for them? when you or I were born, we had the same chances as they do now, no? all of the events you listed are hypotheticals. remember y2k?

The rich anywhere near the oceans or in areas of wildfires will be climate refugees
Unwell with whatever new pandemic
Also would need to survive invasion

They have their chance now
They haven’t solved it

Sure, life is possible to be optimistic
Optimism will do nothing to counter carbon dioxide levels

I have to call bull on this, sorry
The science is unchallengeable
Do you not research this stuff?

we could have done everything possible
We didn’t

I fell as far as any capitalist in an unsustainable way

Not at all, youth is the ultimate gift. It comes with beauty and a sense of wonder and optimism. Also, they’ll be alive long enough to see how far technology goes. I’m envious of them.

I don’t see optimism as a benefit to the youth of the planet without action

I like the Gaia hypothesis. We don’t matter. The planet will do what it will do without us whether we are here or not. Plenty of good sci fi covers it. Meanwhile we won’t learn and it’s pretty shitty but that is the modern world. … We are just trying to help out those with psychosis and that is important still.

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Thank you Rogue
I always admire your stance and level head
Most life on the planet will not survive us
This site is psychosis first.
That isn’t a bad thing

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What you say is true, but there are some very impressive technologies coming out that could maybe make the world productive enough to support more people. Take the example of Fritz Haber. When he discovered a cheap way to derive nitrates in the early twentieth century he enabled the earth to support two billion more people. There are new technologies coming into being that could, hopefully, enable us to support all earth’s people in comfort - genetic engineering, nanotechnology, graphene, better microchips for our computers, super computers, and many more. You’re right. The situation is dire, but I think we can overcome it.

Or maybe we were just all meant to be born at the end of the show.

I know a bit about some of that stuff.

Most of it takes too many decades to implement effectively enough
We don’t have decades we hardly have years or this year

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