This xmas i am going to

i know it a bit early but i thought i’d write a list of what i am going to do this year for xmas so here it is-

  • i am going to send xmas cards to people all around the world who are in jail but haven’t done anything wrong,

  • i’m going to give as much as i can and not expect anything in return,

  • i’m going to sing xmas carols and hand out invitations

  • i’m going to think less about myself and more about others

  • and i am going to try and volunteer more


You have a positive attitude @mrhappy - good going! :smiley:


thanks :slight_smile:

if anybody is interested and wants to send an innocent person a xmas card then please follow this link and download the booklet :thumbsup:

i was really taken with some of the stories about why these people are locked up, they haven’t really done anything wrong. and i think a xmas card is a wonderful idea (i even have some spare from last year) lol

i’m going to spare some planets from utter annihilation…i am feeling generous !
and maybe send yoda a christmas card…!?!
take care