This world is so fkd up :(

idk who to blame but at a guess i would blame it on something really, really bad :frowning:

I can understand that sentiment. The world definitely has it’s horrors.

Personally, I am trying to work on my belief that there is beauty in everything, even the less than comprehend able. My beliefs teach against viewing things as good or bad and to just experience the present moment. There are these flowers in Indonesia called corpse flowers. They only bloom every 6 to 10 years and when they do they smell like a dead body. Still they are supposed to be interesting and are quite the experience.

I would never tell you to think the way I do. Even though our beliefs are different I think it is fair to say that knowledge can come from disparate places. You take what you like and discard the rest. The point I am trying to make is that it helps to view things as experiences. It helps me soften the blow.


i wish there was beauty in everything

Beauty and the Beast -

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There is a movie I watched recently, Calvary. I won’t give away any of the story, but the main character is a priest. It’s a very spiritual film. The best part is the treatment of the priest by the screenwriter. He’s intelligent, caring, dedicated, and chock full of integrity. A rare treat in a world of movies where priests are usually the villain or the laughing stock. His dialogue is also top notch.

I really enjoyed the film and highly recommend it. I’m not religious but still found the story moving. I do have to warn that there is some seriously foul language in it, talk of the sexual abuse scandals, and one scene of pretty shocking violence. Still, I think it’s a very spiritual film that makes a person think. :+1: :+1:

Maybe it’ll uplift you?


the Beast turned out to be a good guy in that story tho he was just different x

we are a bit like the beast in beauty and the beast i think only our ugly side is not our looks but our mental illness :frowning: and that story has a happy ending :slight_smile: maybe we can have one too :thumbsup:


There is light and dark in everyone, the people considered evil can do good and those who are considered good are capable of evil.

There is beauty in everything just look at the complexity in a leaf, a petal of a flower, the stars at night, the way the wind feels on your face etc, the world is beautiful, it’s mankind that has polluted it, we’re capable of all sorts of things, I don’t think it’s a matter of “who” did this. And if there wasn’t bad in the world, how on earth would you recognise good when it comes along?

I know how easy it is to think everything is bad, I’m very guilty of it, but I find peace in the fields, woods, hills, mountains etc. I’ve also had some people who have blessed me, changed my life for the better, I’ve also had people who have caused unnecessary pain. I don’t trust the governments of the world, those who order war, etc.

The world is fkd up but it also an amazing place and one of a kind!
I hope you can find some solace soon,
Take care,


I see the papers and read the news… It is sad how close to war so many countries are right now.

I feel guilty for doing this… but I have to be a bit “head in the sand” when it come to this. It’s not that I don’t care. I do. But stuff like this day in and day out can really throw me for a loop.

so I have to find my simple pleasures and my simple beauty. I agree fully with @Dante13, yes, right now it is a hot mess… but there are parts that are also amazing. Along with the bad… comes the good.

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@Dante13 is so right - there is beauty in this world, but the thing is that you have to be on the look out for it.
The way birds socialize with each other, a twinkling star, the way a leaf slowly falls to the ground, just notice and see the beauty of our skies - you can find beauty it really does surround us - but it is subtle, this is part of the mystique.
When I am depressed it is more difficult to take notice of such things, but all kinds of beauty does exist. Tune in your eyes and spirit towards the positive aspects to our life - It is out there. You can even find beauty in mankind - yes even mankind


i think being optimistic can help but all of the really bad stuff is always there waiting to rear its ugly head, how do we fight this beast?

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I sort of see it like a monster wave…

You can’t really fight it… you have to ride it out… or let it pass over you and keep going.


‘Beauty’ looked beneath the ugly exterior and found value there… Something like that -

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@daydreamer Maybe you have some depression? A good antidepressant medication could help. I would discuss your situation with your pdoc - good luck


AA, says god grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change the courage to change the things i can and the wisdom to know the difference, i hope you feel more hopeful soon tc


The ruler of the world is Satan the Devil. Sometimes he pretends that he is good.

yes…i agree.
take care

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