This woman from the Dpt of the Army

Has been assigned to watch and report on me. I signed up for a walking group and she joined it. I know they talked to her. I just wanted to walk with a group and get out.

Why would the department of the Army want to monitor you? Are you a veteran?

I did several inpatient and outpatient stays in an Army hospital. I could see them keeping tabs on me but why you?

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@TomCat Because they thought I was a spy. Now they’re still not sure so they monitor me.

@TomCat they use people they know (the men do)

Did you ever work for the government or have a dual citizenship? Why would they think you were a spy?

The Army have way more important things to do, then to keep tabs on you. :bird::bird::bird:

Hon, I hear you. It’s all delusion and paranoia. I used to think people were following me offline and online.

I care about you. What can I do to help?

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They just thought it because when I told stories about working at Bedt Buy, they thought it was a cover for spy work. At that time I was taking martial arts and telling stories about grappling etc and they misconstrued it all. I am only a citizen of this country.

Who cares if they following you they will stop when they realize theres nothing to see or interesting to find out.

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Nothing. Apparently I’m going to be monitored even more based on an article posted on this site.

They haven’t stopped yet, and they started back in 2008.

I have similar thoughts in my mind about some other people but then i am diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and i cant be so sure if its people watching me, monitor me whatever…

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I think you are making connections where there aren’t any. Have you even traveled outside the country and have a passport? This isn’t logical.

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I got insight this way.

I forced myself to look out the wndow. I asked myself… why would anyone do this? I’m not wealthy, I’m not a celebrity, I’m not and never have been a government employee.

What would they hope to gain? Nothing.

I then took a prn AP and antianxiety prn, and write down my thoughts. I would read it, later. The next time I felt this way, I would repeat the exercise.

Give it a try if your therapist or pdoc approve. It shortens the duration of symptoms, for me.

Take care, hon.

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My passport is expired and the only country I’ve been to is canada

I think you are just delusional. No one is watching you. You don’t fit the profile to be a spy. I hope you get to feeling better.

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Thanks @TomCat. I hope they go away.

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