This whole "#metoo" campaign is stupid! (rant)

I don’t want to make an ass of myself by bitching about it on FB, so I thought I’d complain here instead :stuck_out_tongue:
There’s a “campaign” going on on facebook where women post “Me too” if they’ve ever been sexually assaulted or harassed.

I find it tasteless and stupid.

First of all, and I know feminists hate it when people say this, but what about the men? I know several men who have been sexually abused, do they not get a voice?

Second, what’s the point in broadcasting it to the world?
Some of them say it is to paint a picture of how common it is, but what the feck does that help?

Do they think rapists will stop and go “Oh, 20.000 women posted Me Too on their facebook wall, maybe I shouldn’t rape this person after all”?, it’s not as if rapists think that way, or think at all!

I’m so sick of idiotic facebook campaigns. Anything from “post a heart to show your support for people with breast cancer” to “1 like = 1 prayer for hurricane victims” is utter bullshite, and the absolute worst is the whole “1 like = 1 dollar donated” thing. If you have that many dollars, why not donate them regardless of facebook likes?

Why does ANYONE think posting ANYTHING on their facebook helps other people in any way? If you want to help someone, get out in the field and actually DO something! Do volunteer work or some shite!

So yeah. IF someone has the answer to any of my semi-rhetorical questions, feel free to answer them.
If you agree, tell me, if you disagree, tell me, and also, why?

(Rant over.)


Long post couldnt gather any conclusions. …we have to fight for our rights. … take care berru…


The conclusion is bascially that I think the whole campaign is bullshite, and I was wondering if anyone else had any thoughts on it :stuck_out_tongue:

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I agree with u berru…!!! Thanks…


I don’t think the campaign it’s stupid, people should be discouraged to do such things to women. I think it’s a good campaign in my opinion


Facebook’s so lame. All people do is moan on it anyways.

I will never be part of that crap

Just to understand when someone flirts with a woman and she likes it that’s ok, when she doesn’t it’s sexual harassment. Right?

I think the campaign helps some survivors feel empowered, which is a good thing. But I agree that it is ineffective and sexist against male survivors. Up to 30% or more of sexual assault survivors are male, and they get even less help than female survivors.


Men are part of the #metoo campaign.

No one is “broadcasting” anything. Women and men who have been sexually assaulted have remained silent due to shame and retribution, so the #metoo campaign is creating a safer environment for women and men to come out of the shadows and speak up about their sexual asault by putting faces and voices to sexual assault.

The #metoo campaign will deter rape, for now the rapist knows that the victim will not remain silent.


I’m glad to hear men are a part of the campaign. In my social circle, a man tried to join and was attacked for his troubles in a very unfair way. I defended him, but t was pretty damaging.


What was the story?

Yeah I know what you mean @Pikasaur. I’m not on Facebook anymore but when I was I remember the campaigns. Especially the ones that try to guilt trip you if you didn’t “like” the post, donate or forward the original post on your page so everyone you knows sees it and is guilt tripped themselves. I agree with the idea of “me too” but I find how it is put out there ineffective at times. I also think men are largely ignored in this campaign even if they are supposed to be included in it.

Zombie thread :woman_zombie:

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