This what my psychiatrist said about me in his notes

He is poorly built appears to be fairly nourished, appropriately groomed, oriented ×3, mood was down and anxious, affect was appropriate, some paranoia, positive visual hallucination. No suicidal ideation.

He used this a justification for schizoaffective bipolar type.

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Are you in a mixed mood?

maybe i don’t know I feel like i am energized, restless, and sad at the same time.

Do you think it’s from previous symptoms not mentioned here.

These are the only symptoms he described of me so I am confused

That description was probably only one axis of the diagnostic manual pdoc’s use. Your pdoc might also write “poor grasp of reality, limited social skills, maybe hallucinating”, or something like that. I think you have a right to look at your own diagnosis. If you’re concerned about it you could ask to see it. Personally, I always saw my dx as, “That’s just what you think.”

My thrapist wrote…episodic sz…worsening (deepening)

It was the notes I requested from the partial program I was in. It makes no sense about the conclusions he came to. I don’t think I gave schizoaffective bipolar type.

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