This was me yesterday

I wasn’t manic, well maybe a little out of excitement of sobriety.

Today I don’t feel so hot so don’t look so swell. I will prevail though

I am strong. The cravings aren’t there, just feeling withdrawal but definitely don’t wanna drink…is this normal? Day 6 sober. To feel ill…?


You look fine to me. Could use a hair brush though :smile:
Hey how tall you are? I don’t think I eversaw a full photo of you

Not too tall too embarrassed to say (okay I’m not that short) but not too tall…like 5’6

Still taller than me Lol… 5’ 4

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You look okay a bit broody and normal thats just the excitement of yay i am doing it! :smile:
Most withdrawing end up feeling a bit ill i did that was form a nasty drug
Great going! we are with you all the way

Edit I’m 5,3ft so short but super tall for a faerie! :smiley:


There’s this cute Spanish girl who was the nurse for my surgery on my foot the other day she must be like 4’9 cuz I TOWER over her lol. I think she likes me.

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Recovery from addiction lasts the rest of your life, to answer your question about cravings- but the cravings fade within a month I find (and have been told).

And I’m 5’7 short

im 6 foot 1…

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I think I’ll move to Ecuador cuz my co worker is the same height as me and he calls himself tall lol

He’s from Ecuador

me too 15 15 15

I think your hair looks great :wink:

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I’m 5foot 9inches

My dads 5’9 and my moms 5’5…all my grandparents were shorter

They say height skips a generation

And balding is based on your mothers side

And my sister was the one to light the menora cuz she was the only girl with Jewish blood in my family


Thanks Sarad sammyp and a few others


The withdrawals have subsided for now :slight_smile:

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When I was withdrawing from H it was hell, but for me I stopped because I moved countries so didn’t have a supplier which dealt with any cravings I had. So it must be much harder for you if it’s alcohol but you’re doing well and good luck with it!

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