This was cool

My youngest brother is in rehab right now, he hit bottom a week an a half ago when he got blacked out drunk and beat up my kid sister and took and baseball bat and a knife to her car.

The car got picked up from the garage just now. The price quoted was reasonable for the amount of work he had to do. So the family pitched in and paid for the car repairs. The car not only has a windshield and wipers, back windows, new tires, reattached bumpers, headlights, tail lights, wing mirrors, (which was on the work order)

The guy also fixed the breaks, the radiator, the fan belt, new battery, new battery cables, alignment, ignition switch and a full tune up… All this other stuff, wasn’t on the bill. My sister’s car has working breaks and will start up on the first try and not pull to the left. She said it didn’t over heat once on the way home.
There was a nice christmas card in the glove box from the mechanic.
This must be the second day of Christmas… :smile:

How has other peoples faith in humanity been kindled lately?


That’s beautiful! Sometimes we get blessed with acts of kindness that we never expected. It’s kindness like this that keeps our faith in love alive.

I would have to say, for me, having my friends donate over $4,500 to help me financially has helped restore my faith in humanity.

And the extremely positive response I received when I told all my friends about my illness last month. I got so many uplifting and loving messages and calls from people, assuring me that they love me and are here for me.

So, now, I have a lot more faith and hope in the kindness of the human spirit. And I hope to carry that with me always.




Those are both wonderful stories nice to hear!! :slight_smile:

My provider here at the home is love in action on a daily basis. I would not be growing without her. She deserves a lot of credit for keeping me from psychoses.


I don’t want to sound so religious but, I feel that god sends us kind people to help us stand on our feet and feel better, drawing a smile on our face, and this had happened to me lately.

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My uncle, who is a recovered alcoholic who also went through a drug phase, has been talking to me alot over the holidays. He and I have recovered from serious ■■■■, he was an alcoholic and he also used cocaine. We both marvel at how well people can recover from being in bad places, as I was an alcoholic, unmedicated schizophrenic and now I am in remission, and his life was getting ■■■■■■ up before he went to rehab. It’s good to share moments of peace between troubled people.

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I wish my younger brother were in a place of calm. He’s not there yet. He’s still in the denial and anger phase. He’ll get there eventually. Right now he still thinks it’s all our kid sisters fault that he’s going through this. He’s trying to justify all the violent behaviour.

denial and anger had me for a year. One psychotic, agitated, drunk and violent year. He will get sick of it. Alcoholics usually burn out, they reach a moment of clarity. Mine was when I just didnt want to drink 20 bucks worth of beer to sleep that night. The chugging, the pissing, the chain smoking, the stupid drunk conversations, all of it seemed like too much trouble to make the voices stop so I could sleep.

How old is he? Does he have any psychological disorders? He sounds like he’s not being…umm…nice

John is 20 and not diagnosed with anything. He’s being more then not nice. Our sis 17, shorter and barely 100 pounds soaking wet. I am more then “not happy” that- of all the family he decided to physically rage on, he chose her.

Yeah, your brother beating up your sister wasn’t exactly a fair fight. That’s what alcohol does to some people. But I have to wonder how big a part did the alcohol play in beating up your sister and how much is just 'him" .By that I mean maybe it wasn’t 100% the alcohols fault and maybe he just always picks on littler people who won’t fight back. I’m sorry about saying something so harsh .After all, you guys are related and have to see each other still. Maybe the point isn’t important anyway. I hope I didn’t offend.

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No offense taken, this has been the topic of pondering ever since it happened. John has an honest beef with one of our bothers but John does nothing… But Riley says one little thing out of line and it’s rage time. There is more there then meets the eye.
Once he’s a bit more stable, it’s time to suggest some anger management or something. Found out his fiancee broke off the engagement because he was getting verbally and almost physically abusive with her. She moved out and went back to her family. I’m really glad she didn’t put up with him.