This video shows that "natural" produce is anything but natural

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I’m so concerned about all that fertilisers sprayed on them.
I’ve heard it builds up in fat and can lead to cancer. Idk how much truth is in that.
Hopefully I’m alright
I eat a lot of fresh produce. Hopefully the good stuff in them defeat the fertiliser

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Fertilizers aren’t a huge problem. A lot of them are made with organic animal… aherm… “waste”. At least here in California (we have a ton of agriculture, just ask @anon54386108 about all the local harvest festivals named after a vegetable nearby. The Brocoli festival, the Artichoke festival, etc… lol) the real problem is actually the pesticides some use. Think about it, if it is meant to kill… it probably isn’t good for the living.


I wish we could eat grass or leaves, I’m sick of food.

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