This track started out weird when I made it

I was working on this and it just sounded a lil bit too wacky, I kept going and it got better

Kinda like I hope my recovery journey goes lol

I like it a lot now! Hopefully you do too :slight_smile:


Banjo boiiiii lol

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Lol ye

Kinda a sequel to that one track drummer boi I made back in the day that people seemed to like

I think this beat marks the end of my slump

Maybe we should rap on it?? Sorry bout click clack 2 wasnt feeling it but Im not well enough to go solo

Iā€™m down to rap on it

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Sick Ill start writing then

Me too then. Which part should I grab???

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Ill let you know when I come up with an idea I guess cuz Im not sure. But Im thinking you go first after the first chorus with a verse and Ill do the chorus and first verse

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You meant second verse for you?? Right??

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Yes thats what I meant 15151515151515

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