This thread is for the wiser people, it is a different question

Looking back on your life, what benefited you with having sz.

I am kinder and calmer because of sz. I think if I had been without sz, I would have been a mean witch relishing in my successes.


I never wanted to get married or have kids. If I didn’t have schizophrenia I would have sleep walked into both.

I started hearing voices in 2017, and nothing has gotten better since then

It saved me the problem of screwing up my own life on my own. Schizophrenia did all that for me.

Sz saved me from pursuing a masters degree in nomoneyology and by extension from being over 100k dollars in debt

I’ve noticed since having schizophrenia I got off illegal drug use hanging out with bad friends and some sexual immorality also I focus more on my faith


I got off drugs and alcohol I’m more understanding and not such a narcissist

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I focus a lot more on living a healthy lifestyle now.