This sza is so exhausting and confusing

I’m so tired of feeling like a rollercoaster. Adjusting meds and figuring out what works best. Whether it’s too little meds or just a bad day. It’s too much to try and figure out. Sometimes I just want to give up. Hubby already commented on how much meds I’ve got to take. It’s all too much to handle.


I guess it’s just a bad day…hubby says my mood is fine but I don’t feel it is. So an extra 100mg amisulpride isn’t necessary like what I took this morning. No med can fix a bad day I guess!

I’ll stick to 400mg now, as hubby said it’s enough and I agree. It’s my minimum dose. But the haloperidol def needs to be raised back to 5

What do you mean by a bad day. Having violent thoughts sometimes is not a bad day, its sz. I used to have violent thoughts sometimes and the only thing that got rid of them is a dose increase from 3mg to 5mg risperidone.

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Since being on 5mg I never get violent thoughts.

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When I say a bad day I don’t necessarily mean violent thoughts, I can mean mood swings as well, especially feeling depressed, or avolition or flat affect.

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Well I hope you never get violent thoughts again. I know how horrible they made me feel when I had them. I would rather almost die than having them.

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