This Sunday

This Sunday I am going for Indian restaurant with parents
Anyone like Indian food


Yes, although not too spicy…
Have a great time girl!!

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sounds good!! have a great time !

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I like

The Nan bread
Butter chicken
Dhal is good
the lentil soup is good too

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That’s great you will have an outing with your parents. Have a great time. Do you eat Indian food often, Shelly? All Indian food is delicious. I especially like palak paneer - spinach with cheese curds - and have tried making it at home:

No not loving Indian food like used to but not bad
I always eat too much

I like Indian food but I am fussy.

I like Behl puri, dahi vada, daabeli, samosa, kachori, khasta kachori, samosa chaat, i could go on…

I am into Indian food but street indian food.

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I like indian food too …i have tried samosha …paratha pani puri chat nan roti etc …

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