This stuff is too overwhelming

I just got done in the recording studio the day before and was working on one of my great pieces when I get this phone call it is from a peer support personwho wants to come over and talk to me about my counselormy drug counseloralthough I do not keep any pets habitsI have had a lot of friends that I have to cancel myself so I keep one on handhowever my good friend for many a yearsthat became a dual diagnosiscounselor committed suicide by hanging himselfI set a meeting and talked with her for a half an hour she broke down 2 or 3 times crying over the situation although Iā€™m at all odds of what to do about replacing himthese things seem to get overwhelmingI called my drummer up to see if he could come in this week and do some drumming to the music that we recordedand he was suffering from mass depressionalthough I could not get him to come in I asked him if I needed to go out and get him but he declinedmy bass player who started a new job has only a short 2 hour. Record this weekand I am anxious to get the songs burned on CD before I give up on themI had a homeless man stay with me last nightand I give him counseling on his to abusive roommates and how to proceed with taking care of himselfand today I am so frantically searching for a good place to place him in the community in housing so that he might keep his job and establish his independence in the communityhe was nice enough to leave me a card this morning as he left it was for a free dinner at McDonalds