This storm is boring

Wishing i was in dublin california or one of them san francisco beaches listening to this one

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@Ayecoop. Do you live in Florence’s path?

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Yea sort of well i live in north carolina but not on the coast. Its just been raining for the pass couple days where im at.

Yeah. I live in West Virginia (that’s a state) and we’re going to have rain Monday

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Be grateful for boring weather. As an insurance professional, I’m monitoring the bulletins going out on the services I subscribe to – horrifying property losses due to flooding alone, not to mention some poor souls dying. Let’s all be thankful Florence came ashore as a Cat 1 and not Cat 4.


Believe me, boring is a good thing.


I got solicited via email to make a donation for Florence victims. I would do it but I’m paranoid about using my card online

In other news, it’s still ‘summer’ where I live and I woke up to white crap on the ground again this morning. Hey @Mountainman, how are you enjoying our lovely weather?

Edit: I found this image from the Florence evacuations very touching:

Anyone who would rescue an animal while evacuating is of good character.


Yea im glad it didnt effect my area. Pretty lucky to be exact im only a couple hours from the coast. Well maybe almost 3. I just wish i was back in california and not dealing with this storm

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