This song is so creative IMO

I think Eminem is more creative than any other rapper but Tupac was “the greatest”

This is one of the most creative songs in rap history IMO


Uhhh Eminem. Never gets old. I love him so much that I even love his new stuff.

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You mean mainstream rapper right?

Heard of MacLethal or Wax, or even Watsky is pretty good.

I’ve heard watsky but not the others

I’m sure Eminem had some support since he’s illuminati to make his stuff seem more creative but to me his stuff hassuch versatility it seems creative to me :thumbsup:

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Nah I hear ya. He’s got the speed, the wit, and he knows when to goof.

Prolly still top dawg in his category for sure

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Check this one and if you want I can show you a few others I personally like from Wax

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I like his style but I tend to like a little darker beats

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Techn9ne? More letters for post

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Ya I like techn9ne. The song you posted is a pop beat with someone rapping over it. The beat selection says a lot about someone’s overall style. When I make my songs I pick pretty good beats.

I hear ya, should’ve posted some of his earlier work. Like “I ain’t a real man” its better, less poppy.

I’d love to hear some of your stuff, I write too.

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Actually been looking for beats to either write to or train my stuff to a beat after I’ve written because I’ve a backlog on writtens but no beats

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My raps are a work in progress

This is my recent song. Not my best but my most recent

I just got to listen to that. Clever. You’ve got good verbal arrangement. I like. Not that my approval means anything,lol… But yeah good show