This song is almost 10 years old now (progressive dnb)

one of the first progressive dnb songs i did.

It’s called “In Tears”


Cool man it’s still very good. I love the progressions as it goes on. Wasn’t expecting that intense part

The beginning was simple but appeasing. Nice work


thanks a lot for checking it out @Jonnybegood
glad that you enjoyed it =)

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Can you post something new in this thread. I saw you did yesterday but I was busy didn’t ever get a chance to listen

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yesterday i posted this one

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The texture is much better on this one imo. Very advanced and interesting. Cool. I like em both but you’ve definitely improved a lot over the years.

Now the vocals came in. Who is singing??? Has a cool effect and interesting voice. That’s not u is it??

At a little round one minute or after a bit and some other parts I think it’s too loud you maybe should turn some things down. There may have been some clipping on the mixing. Other than that it’s cool I like it

Keep up the good work


it was a song by dj reactive and i made a neurofunk version of it. I am not sure who it is on the vocals but i like them though.

I’ll post some more stuff later on.

I’m glad you enjoyed listening to it.

The mixing is what is hardest for me. I really enjoy doing it but it takes a lot of time for me. And i still mess up yea.


Very nice :+1: !!!

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thanks a lot @Loke
I’m glad you checked it out =)

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Nice job man! I didnt expect it to be so loud when it drops tho it startled me haha

Is that typical with progressive dnb? I dont really know the genre I dont listen to too much edm in general

As usual the sound design is killer great work!

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thanks for checking it out @zwolfgang

i think the drop is a bit over the top yea =D haha…

I still really like the sound design i did with this yea, even if it’s almost 10 years old already. I really like doing the sound design but i can be hard like you already said also.

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