This site really doesn't amuse me anymore

Is there a Canadian site for szs

I’ll follow you

spoiler alert: Tommy might have an MI more serious than sz… lol

Sounds like a Canadian site for sz’s would be all about running from moose and hockey fights.
No disrespect to our friends across the border.

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This site is great for people who need support. Not sure about you, but where I live you’re lucky to see anyone you can talk about sz with as my family don’t know enough to talk to them properly.

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Allow you to talk about your drug use jail time abusing kids

Don’t allow targeting personal stories or anything political relating to your life

I know right. we should be allowed to target people’s personal experiences and life events including rape stories, abusive husbands, and etc. :smiley:

just kidding

I happen to deserve respect and kudos for what I’ve lived through

Haha I’m actually a dual citizen with Canada.
Born in Toronto patnah!